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Maecenas vitae congue augue,
nec volutpat risus.
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S’’iz a Mekhaye! - What a joy!

This exclamation is heard when a Yiddish-speaking person feels excited about something and communicates his enthusiasm to his environment. Both the feeling and the exclamation itself are contagious! Especially together with klezmer music, Yiddish wedding and dance music.

Sometimes melancholically soft, sometimes with passionately fiery dance tunes - this is how this ambitious trio interpretes its Yiddish music in intense images.

A Mekhaye consists of experienced musicians from Hamburg who have already played music in various ensembles for many years. Their repertoire is traditional klezmer music - both instrumental and vocal - arranged with wit, sensitivity and expressiveness.

A Mekhaye began to appear as a trio in 2011 at the 100th anniversary celebration of the Talmud Torah School in Hamburg. Since 2012, they can regularly be heard at the Altonale festival Hamburg as well as in many other locations in and around Hamburg and other places in Germany. Its musical background is enriched by diverse experiences in chamber music and orchestral music as well as folk and street music in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Balkans and Israel.

Taly Almagor (violin) and Stefan Goreiski (chromatic button accordion, vocals, recitation) had already played together, among other occasions, at the Yiddish Festival in Krakow/Poland 1989. In 2011 Maike Spieker (clarinet, bass clarinet) joined them at the Yiddish Summer Weimar and the three became the trio 'A Mekhaye'.

Since 2016 A Mekhaye plays together regulary with the Yiddish Singer Anna Vishnevska (Ucraine) and since 2019 on occasion also with the double bass player Guido Jäger.

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CD Friling

Our CD "Friling" is available here and during our concerts. For listening to the audio examples of the cd music, go to Musik and click on the titles. Please purchase via E-Mail: info(at)amekhaye.de
If you indicate your Name, Adress and Quantity of CDs, we will send it to you.
Price per CD 15 €€ + 3 €€ postage and packing.
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